18 Apr 2019


Hello everyone, 

I live in a little town called Caledonia and yes it rocks - LITERALLY. A beautiful group of young people in town painted 'rocks with messages' and spread them all over our town  - in parks, along river paths, in front of stores and anywhere their hearts led them. So as you go about your day, you may see little messages of hope such as 'Be Kind, Jump for Joy, Just Trust' and so on. They call it the Kindness Rock Project and it has brought many smiles and joy to residents here. A great, great idea. 

So.... as I walked along the river today, I discovered two rocks I'll share with you. 

A big hearty thank you goes out to the beautiful people who created these moments of joy. Not only do your rocks, rock, but YOU rock, too. 

Thank you and may everyone today 'jump for joy and do good, not harm'. 

Thanks for listening. 

8 Apr 2019


Happy Spring, everyone!!!!

I saw my first robin yesterday, and now I truly know, spring is here. The robins are back from wintering in the south and are here to serenade us Canadians with their joyful songs of love and happiness. 

Total bliss. Warmer weather, plants sprouting up, winter coats discarded, and the anticipation of sunny weather on a daily basis. Can't wait.

And I am hard at work at a new Samantha Barclay novel. 

However, today I am gardening with my sidekick, Rico. Thanks for listening. Have a beautiful day. 

1 Mar 2019



I have received several emails recently asking how my dog, Rico, is. They remembered when I moved, how difficult it was for Rico to adjust to new circumstances.

I am pleased to say that Rico is fully adjusted to his new living space. Not only that, he is spoiled rotten. There are six tenants in this building who feed Rico treats. SIX OF THEM. My dog knows the way to each of their apartments and will stop outside their door, tail wagging, waiting for a treat. 

He now has so many friends here, I couldn't move again even if I wanted to. Often he whines at the door wanting to go out visiting and loves showing off his many tricks to anyone who will watch. He has even fallen in love with a gorgeous cat named Panda, which is amazing, considering he has never seen a cat before.

I am so proud at how far he has come and how happy he is. Today we walked along the river, which is just across the road, and I marveled at his confident strut and sniffing adventure. 

He is one contented dog. Thanks for asking. Life is good.

14 Feb 2019


Hello everyone!

Hope you are celebrating the wonderful day of Valentine's Day, a day I love.

It's a day to remind us to treasure our Valentines - our loved ones - be they romantic partners, friends, family, pets. 

Today is the day to hug them, hold them close to your hearts and tell them that you love them be it with words, cards, flowers, chocolates, or any way your imagination unfolds. Or with just a smile. 

I leave you with a photo of Rico, who never fails to celebrate the most important days with me. 

Thanks for listening and have a great day. 


22 Jan 2019



Hello my friends,

Mighty cold out there. Hope everyone is warm and toasty and snuggled away out of the freezing temperatures and ice and wind. I think my dog has the right idea, snoozing away waiting for warmer temperatures. 

 I'd join him, but I have a cup of tea and a good book to while the day away.

My thoughts are also with the homeless during this cold snap. There are a few in my town I'm keeping an eye on. My thanks go out to all the organizations that offer a warm place to stay and hot food to keep the cold away. 

Keep warm and safe. 

Thanks for listening.

12 Jan 2019


Hello everyone,

I'm wishing you a wonderful new beginning to a brand new year, full of love, peace and joy. And good health, of course. And the ability to great each new challenge in life with courage, strength and tenacity. 

I had a beautiful Christmas. I put my little tree and decorations up  on November 1 and refuse to take them down until Feb. 1. I love the pops of color and what they represent - the joy, excitement and peace of that Christmas morning so long ago when the baby Jesus was born - which signals hope, rejuvenation and a time to honor and thank loved ones with gifts flowing from our hearts. 

I really do believe in keeping Christmas close all year round. 

So 'Merry Christmas to everyone, all year round'. I leave you with a picture of my 'little tree' that I love and Rico checking out one of his Christmas presents. 

Thanks for listening. 



26 Nov 2018



I am thrilled to announce that Jones Bakery in Caledonia, will be selling my Christmas book - THE CHRISTMAS ROSE.   


And all I can say is, 'WOW'. 

It is wonderful to live in a small town that promotes the arts. There are no local bookstores, so this beautiful bakery is helping local authors and artists and I am just thrilled. 

A HUGE THANK  YOU GOES OUT TO DEBBIE JONES for allowing me to sell my books at her bakery. You are beautiful in every way.  

I also wish to thank local reporter Tamara Botting for the very sweet and informative article she wrote about my book in the local Sachem. Tamara is a local writer as well and greatly supports the arts in this small community. 

And I am so grateful. 

Here is the link to her article -  https://www.sachem.ca/whatson-story/9049591-suzanne-hurley-releases-first-christmas-novel/

I am filled with great joy tonight.