16 Nov 2019



Well, my tree's up and decorated. My living room is full of good cheer with pops of color here and there, mainly sticking to a theme of blue/gold/red. My giraffe and elephant sculptures are sporting Santa hats and Rico is even in the spirit of it all. 

I love Christmas. Such a beautiful time of loving and giving and caring and also being sensitive to the many people who are sad at Christmas, broken-hearted, and lonely.  My heart goes out to them as I try to reach out to as many as I can. 

And my good news is that my new book - Always Love - is now arriving on Feb 1 not March 1,  a whole month earlier. I am excited. I wrote this book straight from my heart and it is very special to me. 

Wishing everyone great joy today and every day. 

Thanks for listening, 

29 Sep 2019


Good morning!

I am thrilled to reveal my new cover for my new book - Always Love. This book will not be released until the spring but I just love the cover. It suits the book perfectly. 

Thank you, Trisha, for your gorgeous work.  

Here it is:


12 Sep 2019

A NEW CONTRACT - YAYYYY..................

Hi there, 

I received a new contract, for a brand new book. 

Yayyyy.... it truly never gets old. 

Every book I write becomes a labor of love that I work on, struggle with, and eventually emerges as a new best friend.  

So it's always exciting to receive a contract that it will be published. 

This book is entitled ALWAYS LOVE and will be released on March 1/2020. 

More details will follow but I first just wanted to share my excitement at receiving a contract. 

Thanks for listening, 


9 Jul 2019



Today, while scooting through a coffee shop drive-thru, the person in front of me paid for my order. I smiled so wide that I must have looked like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Immediately, I paid for the person behind me, hoping to pass on this beautiful act of kindness. 

Kindness - acts that keep on giving. 

Today I give thanks to everyone who pauses throughout each day to reach out a hand to others. As we all know, they don't have to be huge acts - but gentle, loving, caring and joyful.  

And we never know the huge effect it can make on another. 

For instance, the other day I was walking in and a lady was sitting on her walker by the elevator. I asked if she wanted me to check her mail for her and save having to struggle down 2 steps. Easy for me to do, but the smile on her face and her grateful words, showed me that it was huge for her. 

This is a constant reminder to me to keep on giving, even if it seems like such a tiny act - it can be really big to someone else. 

I am also reminded of my pledge to keep the joy, kindness and giving that surrounds us at Christmas, all year round.  Often we completely focus on these acts at Christmas, going out of our way to give to others and provide them wonderful Christmases. 

Yes, this is important, but I pledge to do this all year round - to make my part and place in this world, a little bit happier. 

So I leave with you two photos - yes, of course, of my dog. LOL. 

One shows Rico enjoying the sunshine, reminding me to always take time to just relax and allow the soothing rays of the sun to surround me. 

The next is a shot of Rico at Christmastime - my reminder to keep Christmas with me all year round. 

Thanks for listening, 

4 Jun 2019



Today, I would like to honor the gift of friendship. 

It is easy to hang with someone in good times, in times of joy, laughter, and when all is well. This is important, for there is nothing more healing and enjoyable than belly laughing with someone.

But the true test of a friendship is being with someone when times are tough, there is sadness, broken hearts, stress, illness and so on. 

These people - be they blood-related, or not - are the ones to hold dear to your heart. 

In my book 'The Teddy Bear Eye Club', the people who have Teddy Bear Eyes, are the ones who are always with you, like your first Teddy Bear who stayed with you through everything. 

So today I salute the friends who stand by you in good times and in bad times. They never let you go. They jump in to make sure you are all right. 

To have a friend, you also need to be that type of friend to others. It is a two-way street.

But the friends that are real, will hold your hand when you are weak, vulnerable and scared, until you are strong again. 

And let's not forget our fur friends.

Thanks for listening. 

18 May 2019


Hello there!

I am often asked which one of the books I've written is my favorite. I'd have to say it's - THE TEDDY BEAR EYE CLUB. 

I have worked with teenagers for most of my life.  It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of their lives. I saw the many struggles with self-esteem and the numerous challenges they faced, so I set out to write a fiction novel about this serious topic. 

As I began to write, I realized that the two students I remembered as having the best self-esteem ever, both had cancer. Dealing with such a serious issue at such a young age, guided them to learn what life was all about - it was all about love - love of self, love of God, love of family, love of friends. 

These two young ladies already knew what many of us search a lifetime to find out - to treasure your loved ones in every way and to let nothing stop you from doing so. 

It is my favorite book, because it reminds me that love is what life is all about. 

Thanks for listening. 


28 Apr 2019



Considering he has heart problems and bad knees, I worried he might not even make it to this age. So I am dancing a happy dance that he is still here and I am treasuring every single second I get to spend with him. He is the bestest friend a girl could ever have - a true BFFF - best fur friend forever. He is loyal and loving and so much fun with a heart of mischief and a true joie de vivre. I simply love him.

I thought I'd share Rico's thoughts about turning ten.

"It took ten years of training my human in obedience, agility, and rally free, making her happy by winning titles and ribbons, plus taking her on just about a million walks, and... I have finally achieved my ultimate goal - to have her cater to my every whim. Life is good."

MY thoughts - "I wouldn't have it any other way. Life truly IS good."

Happy Birthday to the furry love of my life. 

Thanks for listening and here are a few photos of my happy boy.